Boone County Health Center

Boone County Health Center provides comprehensive medical care and services for the residents in Albion and the neighboring region. Its prime services and facilities include acute care, skilled care, respite care, outpatient services, hospice, opthamology, cardiac/pulmonary/vascular rehabilitation, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, endoscopies, lithotripsy, gynocology, urology, END, podiatry and orthopedics.

Boone County Health Center also runs 5 satellite clinics in Albion, Elgin, Fullerton, Newman Grove, and Spalding.

Boone County Health Center accepts both Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Address: 723 West Fairview Street , Albion , PO Box 151
State: Nebraska
Zip: 68620
Phone: 402-395-2191
Fax: 402-395-5165
County: Boone
Number of Beds: 26
Total Staff : 200

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