Agnews Insane Asylum

The State of California has declared the Historical District of the Agnews State Hospital (also known as Agnews Insane Asylum) as surplus property and is selling it off to Sun Microsystems.

Established 1885, partially demolished in the late 1990s, currently partially preserved and in use for Sun Microsystems who are planning to raze the historical district of Agnews except for two and part of two other buildings.

The Agnews State Hospital dates back to 1885. The fully functioning time piece in the Clock Tower is still the original Seth Thomas time piece installed in the original Clock Tower when it was built in 1888. During the quake of '06 Agnews suffered badly. The single greatest loss of life - as a direct result of the '06 tremor - occurred at Agnews. It was when the Clock Tower and Main Treatment Building collapsed, crushing 112 residents and staff under a pile of rubble. A cemetery was created where the victims were buried in a mass grave.

Address: 3500 Zanker Road , San Jose
State: California
Phone: 408-451-6000
Number of Beds: 0
Total Staff : 0

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