Sheppard Pratt at Ellicott City Hospital

Earlier known as Taylor Manor Hospital, Sheppard Pratt at Ellicott City Hospital has been providing professional psychiatric services since 1907. Functioning as an independent private psychiatric facility, it delivers a comprehensive mental health services with the support of board certified specialist. Each treatment program is developed by a multi-disciplinary team in conjunction with the patient and the referral source.

The key services include individual therapy, medication management, recreational therapy, physical assessment and care, group therapy, art therapy, behavioral therapy, addictions education and addictions treatment.

Sheppard Pratt at Ellicott City Hospital also manages the Taylor Residential Treatment center and special education services in 13 Maryland jurisdictions and Virginia.

Address: 4100 College Avenue , Ellicott City , P.O. Box 0836
State: Maryland
Zip: 21041
Phone: 410-938-3800
Fax: 410-461-7075
Toll-free: 800-883-3322
County: Baltimore City
Number of Beds: 221
Total Staff : 0

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