Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital

Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the most innovative orthopaedic surgical care centers based at Omaha. This state-of-the-art facility focuses on providing incomparable surgical and medical care for each individual. Services include orthopaedics, anesthesiology, cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, aquatic physical therapy, occupational therapy and vascular surgery.

The hospital’s facilities include well furnished and comfortable patient rooms, eight innovative operating suites that can accommodate every kind of orthopaedic surgical procedure, and patient education resource center.

Address: 2808 South 143rd Plaza , Omaha
State: Nebraska
Zip: 68144
Phone: 402-637-0600
Toll-free: 866-398-0600
Number of Beds: 0
Total Staff : 0

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