Renville County Hospital

Planning for the Renville County Hospital began in 1945 with a committee organized to study a hospital proposal. Following six years of continued planning and organization, a new 41-bed hospital was dedicated on January 21st, 1951.

The new hospital wing was dedicated on December 6th, 1975. A laboratory and x-ray addition in 1979 and a surgical and obstetrical addition in 1984 marked the completion of the third phase of a building project which began in 1975. A new outpatient and emergency center was added in 1996 and in 1999 obstetrical suites were remodeled.

The hospital is governed by the Renville County Hospital Board, which is composed of the Renville County Commissioners, a representative of the Renville County Medical Staff, and a citizen of Renville County.

Address: 611 E Fairview Avenue , Olivia
State: Minnesota
Phone: 320-523-1261
Email: sara_m@co.renville.mn.us
URL: www.renvillecountyhospital.org/
Number of Beds: 0
Total Staff : 0

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